Let's lay our own tracks.

Let's lay our own tracks.
I wrote these columns the other day. I have stated that the people of this city were once again replaced with ler Sucker men, they were deceived, and the people chosen from this city did not defend the interests of this city.

For the construction of the High Speed ​​Railway, the authorities announced that the train service was stopped when the train was stopped. Durdurul A suburban railway will also be provided with the high-speed train and freight train routes. Between Istanbul and Adapazari, the suburban train will work again. Arasında But now we understand that these words are lies. High-speed train, freight train routes are being made, suburban railways were not made.

I wrote them; from the Minister, from the deputies, from the Governor, from the Mayors, millet You are writing wrong. A suburban train will be built. B

During the AKP government, this city gave great support to this power in every election. This city, Turkey increased the economy, paying most taxes, the sea, the most productive agricultural areas by fear, was the city that endured all kinds of hardship. But he never paid for it. Now, Izmit and Kocaeli, which has been accustomed to the trend for centuries has been deprived. A fast train will pass through our city, the freight train will pass. But there will be no more suburban train that students prefer to use every day. The people of this city will be in need of buses to and from Adapazarı for commuting to and from Istanbul. This pile is the biggest stake of the state to Kocaeli.

Just the fact that the suburban trains will be removed may be enough justification for the people in this city not to vote for this power again.

The other day, I watched the negotiations of the bill, which allowed the railways to be opened to the private sector.

Minister of Transport Binali Yildirim was on the podium and explained the privatization law. I waited, one of the deputies of Kocaeli come out. But the CHP Hurşit Güneş, but the AKP's Muzaffer Baştopçu, but MHP'li Lütfü Türkkan .. Let's say:

Ors -Ey Dear Minister .. You are proud of YHT and how do you completely remove the suburban trains between Adapazarı and Istanbul? Say

No, they don't even care. Nobody asked.

Minister Yildirim, the train was very nice to tell the truth in Turkey. TCDD 157 years is a public institution, is not only for Turkey train carrying freight and passenger vehicles, it is a culture, folklore, he said. Minister Yıldırım praised Ataturk on this issue, he said: Bakan

Ver -1923 gave great importance to the Atatürk railways in the period of Young Republic. In the Ottoman territory 14 was a thousand kilometers of railway. Later, within the borders of the National Pact, the 4.136 miles left. Ataturk declared mobilization. Between 1923-1946 and 3.764 miles. After 1950, the automobile sector exploded all over the world. The railway was forgotten. Investments on highways. Today's developed countries have built the railway along with the highway. We've neglected. Between 1950-2002, there has been only one 975 mileage in Turkey. X

Minister Yildirim, the new law, TCDD will continue to exist, railroad infrastructure, signaling systems, all the responsibility of the railway will remain in the state TCDD, also a company will be established, this company's existing railways to carry the freight and passengers to pay the infrastructure for private firms he said he would use it. Yıldırım said, olm None of the current TCDD employees will be victims. In addition, in certain regions, those who want to lay a railway line and run train will be allowed Ayrıca.

This law passed from the parliament with the votes of AKP members. Now, in Europe, in Japan as in the United States, the private sector could operate the train in Turkey.

I strongly recommend this law: If the government is not willing to leave the city under the rule of the AKP government; Let us lay our own rail.

In this city, people are expecting suburban trains to run between Istanbul and Adapazari, rather than the High Speed ​​Train, which will run from October to October. Students, workers, civil servants, tradesmen. They come and go every day. There is no train for the lack of a great trouble, "The commuter trains will run again anyway," they are comforting themselves.

If the law is out, let's lay our own tracks. If there are managers with broad vision of the horizon in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, it can run the train by running these tracks with the existing facilities. But ours is the ferry between Izmit and Karamursel; They could not run a minibus between Çenesuyu-M.Alipaşa.

I hope the private sector is involved. Let him come, Aries, Sabancı; close to the power holding conglomerates, congregation companies .. Floors rails, Istanbul-Adapazari running between, 42 Evler stop even standing in a suburban train. I guarantee tens of thousands of passengers every day.

This is a huge need. In the period of the AKP government, although this city gave them great support, they deprived this city of everything. Now they're taking over a hundred-year-old train. They destroyed our historic Gar building, not enough. They leave us with no tricks.

We need to rebel. “We want our suburban train. We don't want to be condemned to Efe Tur. Ef

I hope that this great injustice of the people of this city will not easily pull this great stake into this city.

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