Important Decision for D-100

Duzce City Council D-100 signed an important decision for the highway. Highways 4. With the new zoning plan to be revised in line with the writing of the Regional Directorate, direct entry to the main road will be prevented. The roadway prepared for D100 Roadway will be integrated into the road and traffic safety will be ensured.
Subject, April meetings of the Provincial General Assembly 5. came to the agenda. Head of Zoning and Public Works Commission Muharrem Şen, Highways 4. The report prepared by the Regional Directorate of the report is as follows:
Lar On the two sides of the D100 Highway, considering the existing building stock, there will be no direct entrance to the main road where the traffic flows and the road roads will be provided with the road side and Düzce center and surrounding city center will be ensured. 5302 6 and 10 clauses 70 and 3194 and 8 No. XNUMX of the Special Provincial Administration Law no. According to the zoning plan prepared in accordance with the development plans of the commission is considered appropriate by our members of the commission.

Kaynak: IHA

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