Mayor Tahmazoğlu, sız There will be no unpaved road in Sahinbey Başkan

Şahinbey Mayor Mehmet Tahmazoğlu who stated that they started to work asphalt on the two branches with the warming of the weather, said: çalış Asphalt will be left without any asphalt that needs asphalt until the end of this summer period Hav.
President Tahmazoğlu, who examined the asphalt works at Fidanlık Neighborhood, said: We do our work in two arms. Last year we were just doing it through contractors. This year, we established our own asphalt pylon, which produces 10 tons of asphalt per hour. Last year we were in our nursery neighborhood. This year, we started working on our streets that are missing in this neighborhood. After this, our teams will start working in Perilikaya Neighborhood. Then it will come to the center. Our other team continues to work in the Güneykent neighborhood with its asphalt pylons. In other words, we will not cover asphalts in Şahinbey until the end of this year by covering all of its neighborhoods completely asphalt. Compared to previous years, we have increased our tarmac to 200-3 in our period. Now we have increased this ratio to 4-8 by building a second team. I wish the asphalt work to be done and to be done to all our people to be auspicious auspicious, Yap he said.

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