President Atalaydan 5 Annual Evaluation

Mayor of Bingöl Serdar Atalay, 5 annually in the mayor of the 175 million TL investment will take place, he said.
President Atalay met with representatives of the local and national press in the city, gave information about the work they have done and continue to do. Atalay, the most important problems of the province, infrastructure, superstructure and urban transformation projects with the 2013 year will be the final year of service stressed. Within the scope of the Urban Transformation Project, Atalay stated that a thousand 376 houses will be built in İnönü Neighborhood. 84 thousand 25 square meters belonging to the Branch Chief, said the area will be moved out of the city.
Atalay stated that he is conducting the projects in the first degree as mayor and said Bak Our Prime Minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Minister of Development Cevdet Yılmaz and Bingöl Deputy HE Eşref Taş have supported our projects. We also received great support from the public in our projects. There was a positive perception in the public about the projects. 14 April 2012 started on the date of the work is finished 70 percent of our work. In one year, there was a record rate. Hopefully we will finish the entire infrastructure this year. Thus, we will have solved the 40-50 annual problem of the city. Another important project of the superstructure is 15 in April. These are the largest projects in the history of Bingöl. We will start from the places where the infrastructure is finished. Main roads and neighborhood entrances will make hot asphalt. We will lay the other floor with locked parquet. We will also lay Albanian stones on narrow streets. As you know, the Albanian stone is more expensive than hot asphalt. In total, we plan to lay the Albanian stone in an area of ​​25 thousand square meters. We are going to make some innovations about decorative in Genç Street. This will be our system led lighting to the street alar.
Di 6 TANE TRANSPARENT LIFTS FOR THE UNDERSECRESSES FOR DISABLED PEOPLE E Stating that they will make Bingöl a city where people with disabilities can live, Atalay said that they will make a trail path for the visually impaired. Atalay stated that they will build 6 transparent elevators for the use of disabled people and elderly people on the overpasses built on the Bingöl-Elazığ Highway Zeki Ergezen Boulevard by the Highways Regional Directorate, and said, ge We are going to make lighting with these LED lights. We will also take care of the elevators where we will rain. On the other hand, we took over the Kent Forest located in Mirzan Neighborhood water reservoir area. However, this region has been destroyed with a little contempt. We can't protect this place on our own as a municipality. We requested the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs for the 29 yearbook. We will build this area with build-operate-transfer model dev.
5 Atalay pointed out that no municipality can complete the upper and lower structure of the year, 5 stated that the lower and upper structure of Bingöl will be completed at the end of the year and the most important problems in the city will be solved.

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