45 Billion Dollar Investment To High Speed ​​Train

45 Billion Dollar Investment To High Speed ​​Train
TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman said, Kar Our target in YHT is Eskişehir-İstanbul line. 29 We connect Istanbul to Eskişehir in October. Istanbul-Eskisehir-Ankara-Konya line will form the backbone of YHT lines. İstanbul

TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that the railways will be opened to the world and they decided to establish a Railway Project and Consultancy Company in order to undertake consultancy and project works in developing countries. Karaman, Konya-Eskişehir line was found.


Karaman, who went to Ankara from Eskisehir with YHT, visited Kadir Kocdemir, the Governor of Eskisehir. Karaman, Konya, Eskisehir-line recalling that recently opened by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, "This line is very important because it accounts for Turkey's first YHT ring for us," he said. Stating that Eskişehir is very important for railways, Karaman said, için The next target is Eskişehir-İstanbul line. Hopefully 29 We connect Istanbul to Eskişehir in October. Istanbul-Eskişehir-Ankara-Konya line will be established and then Bursa, Sivas lines will be added. 15 will be interconnected with provincial YHT. Thus, half of Turkey's population will be connected to each other by YHT "he said.


Eskişehir Governor Koçdemir told that the students who are studying in Ankara no longer have a house and they go with YHT and said anlat That's why we call Eskişehir, closer to Ankara than Eryaman Ankara. Koçdemir thanked Karaman for his work. Later, one of the historical centers of Eskişehir to visit Odunpazarı Karaman and his entourage went to Konya with YHT.


Karaman, told reporters in the train, Eskişehir-Konya YHT line is added to the existing lines with the addition of a section of the 10 km. This line is actually the Konya, Eskisehir and Istanbul line and stressed that the lines of the YHT is the backbone of Karaman, therefore, said the line has a separate importance. When they took office, the railways struggled with very different problems and even expressed their thoughts on the closure of Karaman said that the government started to work intensively after the decision on the improvement of the railways.


TCDD General Manager Karaman, in addition to the new line construction, 7 thousand kilometer old lines have been renewed, in this context 150 the first railway line not renewed for years Izmir-Aydin line was renewed. 2004'dan 12'dan 2023 billion pounds have been investing until now, "Our goal 45'a 2,5 to make another billion-dollar investment," he said. Karaman, railways currently 5 percent of passengers in the passenger transport, 2023 10 15 the share of the passengers XNUMX XNUMX, load to XNUMX'larını aims to increase.


Istanbul-Ankara YHT line after the opening of travel time between the two cities will be an average of 3 hours with all modes of transportation voicing Karaman, but said it would be more advantageous to travel with trains. Progress in the period between Ankara and Istanbul, 10-15 minute intervals they aim to organize, even this 50 thousand passengers a day recording that the recording of Karaman, Istanbul-Ankara ticket prices cheaper than air tickets, but may be a little expensive than highway, he said.


Karaman, the commercial vehicles in question in question to begin in October 29 Karaman, apı 95 of infrastructure work, 45 of the superstructure, we have finished the 5'i. We are planning to start trial flights in July-August Temmuz. Expressing that the law envisaging the liberalization of the railways is about to come out, Karaman said that after 2018 years after the law came into force, TCDD was aimed to be a profitable organization. Following the liberalization, the private sector is expected to enter the first cargo transportation business, voicing that Karaman said that after the completion of the lines in XNUMX, the private sector will enter the passenger transportation business.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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