3orth Bridge Thermal Power Plants once again left the EIA

  1. Bosphorus Bridge, nuclear and thermal power plants, the Ilisu Dam damages exempt from the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process, the regulation clause, as a result of the lawsuit filed by environmentalists 14. It was canceled by his office. However, the provisional 3 of the Council of State's EIA Regulation. Ministry of Environment and Urbanization published a new regulation clause in the Official Gazette yesterday. The EIA exemption was 'extended'. Instead of the revoked item baş 23 / 6 / 1997 has been taken into the investment program and 5 / 4 / 2013 as the planning phase has been passed or tender, or production or operation has started projects and structures and facilities that are required for their implementation yerine EIA Regulation exemption was introduced.
    Look, throat bridge!
    Environmentalists filed two cancellation cases on the same day, at jet speed. According to Ecology Collective lawyer Fevzi Özlüer, it is noteworthy that, before the new regulation article, there were news in the media that the construction of the 3rd bridge started and that the Istanbul - Izmir highway project is continuing rapidly. Özlüer said, "These projects, which have been tried to be excluded from the EIA for a long time, were shown as if they were put into operation and started production." The decision of the Council of State 'sözcüStating that they were trying to overcome with the k game, Özlüer said, “The Council of State started its operation with the statement 'the planning phase has passed' and emphasized the activities in the production phase. However, the ministry made arrangements to cover operations and activities that have not yet started production. With the regulation, EIA exemption has been introduced for many power plants such as thermal power plants and HEPPs that were included in the investment program before 1997, and for the 3rd bridge.
    Greens and Left Future Party SözcüSu Av. Arif Ali Cangı reacted to the change in his statement: çevre The government once again demonstrated its intention to open the pillage and not to protect the environment. Temporary 3 of the EIA Regulation published in the Official Gazette. With the amendment of the article, the decisions of the Council of State has been repeatedly ignored and the investments that threaten the environment are being abducted from the EIA. Regardless of when it has been planned, all investments with environmental impact should be subject to the EIA regardless of when it has started operations. Ne
    Baran Bozoğlu, President of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers, said, ılan This arrangement, which has been tried to be repeated many times, has been canceled many times. There is no doubt that it will be canceled once again Bir.

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