2013 Year of Karatay Municipality Asphalt Targets 200 Thousand Tonnes

Karatay District Municipality of Konya, 2013 year as 200 thousand tons of tarmac target was determined.
Karatay Municipality, 2013 year has completed preparations for asphalt. Karatay Mayor Mehmet Hançerli made a statement on the subject and stated that they did not abandon the supply of asphalt production materials for the asphalting of the new development roads and maintenance-repair areas, and said that Kar With the arrival of spring, we have completed the preparations as a municipality. 2013 thousand tons of gravel and one thousand 300 tons of bitumen tar, 100 thousand tons of sub-base material, 100 thousand tons of filler material and 350 thousand tons of chrome material are ready in stock for asphalt production materials for 150 year. 5 thousand tons of bitumen will be made by transfer tender and there will be no unpaved place in Karatay. With the opening of the asphalt season, work will be started in the places where the program is taken. We give importance to the aesthetics and infrastructure of the district. We will show a different working tempo in all areas by the warming of the weather. Karatay's 2013 year infrastructure and asphalt program is ready.

Source: mynet



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