2012 Traffic Accidents in Erzurum

📩 26/04/2019 21:31

According to TurkStat, 93 bin, according to the data of General Directorate of Highways, 109 bin 419 vehicle is in traffic, 57.4 is recorded as 2012 meter in 5, 521 mortal, 94 injury and thousand XNUMX material traffic accidents occurred in Erzurum where XNUMX meters are recorded as XNUMX meters.
The average number of people per vehicle was determined as 12, and the average 700 vehicle was added to the traffic every month.
Erzurum Police Department Traffic Registration and Inspection Department 2012 year statistical data was announced. 7 people lost their lives in a traffic accident in Erzurum last year, one thousand 2 people were injured. In one year, the 11 bin 293 vehicle owner was penalized.
When analyzed according to the causes of fatal or injured traffic accidents that cause loss of life and property, 40% of the accidents are caused by "not obeying the priority of crossing at intersections", and then "wrong hitting maneuvers" changing direction between 14-17%. and "non-compliance with the general conditions governing maneuvers".
8 299 2, 943 for passing the inspection period of the vehicles, 2 bin 411 for speeding up the legal limit of the vehicles, 959 bin 766 without compromising traffic, thousand 374 without endangering traffic, thousand XNUMX from mobile phone on the go and a thousand XNUMX penalties due to non-compliance with traffic signs and signs Done.

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