06 Ankara

Ankara view to 1TL with Kecioren cable car

Ankara view to 1TL with Kecioren cable car Kecioren Municipality has reduced the ropeway fare from 5 TL to 1 TL. Kecioren Teleferik, which has been providing uninterrupted service since its establishment in the year 2008, has brought the X 1 TL to everyone ”campaign to the appreciation of the citizens of Ankara. [more…]


Is there no EIA in Maşukiy?

Is there no EIA in Masukiye? Democratic Left Party (DSP) Provincial Chairman Av.Selman Gurpinar, has raised a very interesting claim. Gürpınar, High Speed ​​Train (YHT) foreseen to be established in Masukiye, the stone has been dropped from the agenda for a while [more…]


High Speed ​​Train Line | Kahramanmaras

High Speed ​​Line must pass through Türkoğlu Mayor Mustafa Taşhan Türkoğlu, Adana-Nurdağı-Gaziantep High Speed ​​Line should pass through Türkoğlu reported. Taşhan in his statement on the subject, Türkoğlu'da be established with the Logistics Center High Speed ​​Train [more…]

34 Istanbul

Ataköy 5.

Ataköy 5.Part Railway Station is Under Construction 29 Within the scope of Marmaray Project, which is planned to be completed on October 2013, Ataköy 5, which was previously planned. Part of the train station is being made. When the project is completed, people who take the train from Ataköy search [more…]

07 Antalya

wrong about the rail system in Turkey

wrong about the rail system in Turkey Transportation planners Erhan Leading, about the rail system in Turkey generally is wrong planning done and these businesses indicate that great damage ... BUS TRAVELERS ... Antalya City Council Zoning [more…]

34 Istanbul

UTİKAD met with its members

UTİKAD International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association met with its members at Taksim Elite World Istanbul Hotel during the Member Day Event held on 29 March 2013. About UTİKAD's activities and activities [more…]