Zero Asphalt Work from Şehitkamil Municipality

Şehitkamil Mayor Rıdvan Fadıloğlu examined the asphalt works carried out in various regions by teams of the Directorate of Science Affairs. Citizens who showed great interest to President Fadıloğlu who controlled the works expressed their satisfaction.
The Science Affairs Directorate teams of Şehitkamil Municipality, which continues to work day and night in order not to leave unpaved roads throughout the district, finally laid zero asphalt on 8 February and the streets numbered 33, which connects Karacaoğlan Neighborhoods with Selimiye and Mevlana Neighborhoods. Mayor Fadıloğlu, who examined the work done on site, received information about the works from the authorities. With citizens for a while sohbet President Fadıloğlu, who then visited the tradesmen around. Citizens, who said that they got rid of dust and soil with zero asphalt, also stated that their streets became more beautiful. Expressing that they are very pleased with the works of Şehitkamil Mayor Rıdvan Fadıloğlu, 8 February Neighborhood Headman Ramazan Doğan said, “Our mayor has started zero asphalt works by repairing the bad roads in our neighborhood. Thanks to zero asphalt, we got rid of both dust, dirt and potholes. We would like to thank our mayor Rıdvan Fadıloğlu and his team for their work ”.
Stating that zero asphalt has been made in the neighborhoods Karacaoğlan District Headman Sadin Dilsiz, in We were very pleased with the zero asphalt work done by Şehitkamil Belediyemiz. After working asphalt, our neighborhood became even more beautiful. Our mayor examined the work in person and listened to the problems of the citizen. I would like to thank our mayor for his work. Çalış

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