High speed train will be cheaper than the plane

High speed train will be cheaper than the plane
Süleyman Karaman, General Director of TCDD, met with transportation reporters and explained 2023 year targets regarding railways. N Our goal is to make an additional investment of 2023 billion dollars until 45, UM said Karaman. Karaman said that 12 is a thousand kilometer rail now and that this will increase to 25 thousand kilometers and that the standards of European countries will be reached when this figure is reached.

Explaining their targets in railways, Karaman stated that they aim to increase the rate of travel to 2023 percent and the rate of freight to 10 percent by 15. Karaman stated that the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) between Istanbul and Ankara will be opened on October 29, 2013, “It will be 3 hours between Istanbul and Ankara. Those who take the train on the Anatolian side will be advantageous because there will be frequent rides. There will be more frequent flights not once an hour like a plane. "Our goal is to travel between Ankara and Istanbul in 10-15 minutes and between Istanbul and Ankara every 10-15 minutes."
Ankara-Istanbul YHT 50 thousand passengers per day, emphasizing that they will carry Karaman, stating that they do an early booking work, the fees from the plane cheaper, but a little more expensive than the bus, he said. The targets of commercial voyages in the transfer of the Karaman, the elements that surprised the signal system of the element, he said. Karaman, 95'in now the end of the infrastructure is done on the top of the percentage 45'in reported that completed. Karaman pointed out that the trial will start in August and the works will end in September.
TCDD General Manager Karaman said, Kar We will invest 2023 billion dollar signal until 10. We've rolled up our sleeves for the Native and the National Train. The world will invest $ 1 billion in 2020 until 1. We need to open up to the world. Am



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