3 Truck Accident On Viaduct

Last night a scrap-laden truck was overthrown in the viaduct passing in front of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture on Yeni Gölcük Road in Izmit. Immediately after this accident, two more trucks crashed in the same location. The road was closed for 1 hours due to the accident in which 2 person was injured and the waste from the vehicles was thrown onto the road.
The truck with 31 VT 315 plate under the direction of Isa Mancak, which set out to take the metal scraps loaded from Yalova to Adana, could not take the bend in the viaduct in front of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture on Gölcük Road, and overturned into the opposite lane. The driver survived the accident unscathed as the scraps on the truck's trailer were scattered on the road.
Immediately after this incident, the waste paper-loaded 16-CAS 92-plate TIR under the direction of Hurşit Varol hit the empty tube-loaded TIR under the direction of Recep Çelik, which suddenly slowed down after seeing the accident. The driver Varol, who was injured by being trapped in the vehicle, was hardly rescued by the health and firefighters and was taken to the hospital.
Both sides of the road were blocked due to the accident. TIRs were removed after about 2 hours of work and opened the way.

Source: News



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