Skiing in the country of the Vikings

Skiing in the country of the Vikings
Holmenkollen Ski Center, in the mountainous part of Oslo, hosted the World Ski Championship between 23 February and 6 March.
It is not for nothing that Oslo, the capital of Norway, the country with the world's largest oil deposits after Saudi Arabia, has the title of 'Europe's winter capital'. They have managed very well to turn the cold winter conditions into a colorful daily life. Of course, there is no doubt that the scarcity of the population is effective in this creativity. Every year millions of people visit Oslo, which has a population of only 500 thousand, for more than 50 museums, art galleries, Vigeland Sculpture Park, theater, music and ski races. Norwegians, a seafaring nation, never stand idly by the summer. Although Oslo is snowy and icy six to seven months of the year, it has 177 registered boats. It is clear from this that every family has a boat and as soon as the ice melts they go to their summer cottages on the beaches outside the fjords. As the grandchildren of Vikings who came to the Anatolian shores thousands of years ago with sails and oars, the adventure passion of Norwegians is not limited to seafaring. Ice skating and skiing are also a way of life… Tourists who want to ice skate can easily skate on small frozen fields in the city center. One of the many ski resorts in the country, Holmenkollen, where ski races have been held since 1892, is in the mountainous part of Oslo. Preparations started months in advance for the Holmenkollen World Ski Championship, which will be held for the fourth time between 23 February and 6 March this year; The roads were renewed, the runways were cleared, and all controls were made to prevent any breakdowns at the last minute. This championship also has a feature: During the week of ski races, various festivals were held in the city center.

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