Unchained Access to Uludağ Road Is Not Allowed

While the snow thickness reached to 160 centimeter on Uludağ road, the air temperature dropped to minus 8. While the gendarmes do not allow chainless transport, the highways teams are on the 8 of the Uludağ road. from the kilometer of snow is doing the work.

In addition to Uludağ road, the snowfall, which has been effective in Keles and Harmancık districts since last night, negatively affected life. The snowfall that started in the evening in Keles turned the district into white. While the snow thickness reached 10 centimeters in the villages of the district close to Uludağ, the snowfall that started in Harmancık district negatively affected the transportation on the Harmancık-Kütahya and Harmancık-Balıkesir highways.

On the other hand, according to the information obtained from the Bursa Meteorology Directorate, the snow depth, which was 130 centimeters yesterday in the Hotels Region, reached 160 centimeters after the last rainfall. Chainmakers came to the rescue of holidaymakers who had difficulties on the Uludağ road, where the temperature was measured as 8 degrees below zero and 2 degrees as the highest. The villagers who put chains on the vehicles sliding along the roads said, “Uludağ is experiencing its second spring this year. There was never this much snow in March. I hope it will continue like this ”.

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