Turkey's Biggest Winter Festival was held Winterfest

Turkey's Biggest Winter Festival "Winterfest" 20 January 2013 Sunday - February 14, 2013, was held from Thursday. Last year, 16 universities, which have been continuing for 52 years, brought 16 university students from 7500 cities together in Uludağ.

The first one is 40 1996, which is the Winterfest organization, organized in 16 as a student tour of personality. 8.000 prepares to host university students in Uludağ. In the first year of the season, the festival, which aims to fill the empty rooms in the mountain in Uludag during the dead times of the season, is the last 5 year. The university provides students with the opportunity to ski and winter vacation at a more affordable price, from ski equipment to accommodation, after-ski parties to concerts, all details are designed according to student budgets.

Many important artists from Turkey and the world, the group is so far the festival brings together in Uludag Ajda Jackson, Kenan Doğulu, Serdar Ortaç, Bengi, Nile Karaibrahimgil, Demet Akalin, Arto, Purple and Beyond, Shipping, alongside local artists like Emre Aydin David Vendeta Famous DJs like Milk & Sugar, Fatman Scoop, Sidekick, Outwork have performed. The artist staff of Winterfest 2012 was announced with Winterfest Publicity Party to be held in November as every year.

The day started with various activities and competitions on the tracks, Beceren Cafe is accelerating with the occasional after-ski parties despite heavy snowfall. From live concerts to private parties, from dj performances to lobby parties to a wide range of entertainment, the hours after the first lights of the morning show end hours until the 08: 00.

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