Turkey is a country every sport Yapılabilceg

season opened in palandoken ski resort
season opened in palandoken ski resort

Palandöken Ski Snowboard made following the World Junior Championships Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Joseph Thompson, "Turkey is a country at any sport organization to do," he said.

Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Yusuf Tekin, who came to Erzurum to watch the Snowboard World Youth Championship, which ended in Erzurum, made observations at Palandöken Ski Center. Here, the Deputy Minister answered the questions of journalists Thompson, said that Turkey has recently been hosted successfully to large organizations, in all sports in terms of geographical position of our country international organization is a country to be said. Erzurum Governor Sebahattin Ozturk, Deputy Governor of the Free Lions, President of Ski Federation Özer Sober Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Fatih Çintimar incoming Youth and Sports Deputy Minister Yusuf Tekin, regarding snowboarding race in Turkey stated that it has become a routine of such activities.


Deputy Minister Yusuf Tekin said that with the 2011 UNIVERSIADE, Erzurum has assumed an important vision in winter and ice sports. Tekin said, “If these kinds of events were 15 years ago, they would have been given in the main news in the sports bulletin. With our hosted athletes from 34 countries have shown Turkey's hospitality. In this sense, Erzurum is the most suitable city for such events. Because Erzurum is a city that has made history with its tolerance and peaceful themes. 400 athletes here will talk when they go to their country, and this number will grow like an avalanche and we will be the capital of sports. Such championships will ensure the long-term use of the facilities we built in Palandöken for the 2011 Winter Games, and we will show the world that these places are not idle. In this championship, the people of Erzurum did their part. I hope our foreign guests think that "the taste is in our palate" will come here again. I am very happy that we survived a large organization without any accident. We are in a serious work for the 2020 summer games to be held in Istanbul. This event will contribute to our work, ”he said. Deputy Minister Thompson, along with outside media, football and other sports organizations to allocate more space, that Turkey is important in sport than football and burst capture believe that success, he added.

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