TÜDEMSAŞ solved the high tonnage problem with mobile Jack

TÜDEMSAŞ solved the high tonnage problem with mobile Jack
UN Turkey's first domestic production is used to remove and wagons manufactured by Machine Mobile Car Lifting jacks Equipment (Mobile Jack) years 3000 wagon repair made TÜDEMSAŞ Wagon Repair Plant safety and efficiency in business processes has increased significantly.
BM Machine General Manager Mehmet Bebek, the last 1,5 for years, BM Machine Mobile Jack, the results of the TÜDEMSAŞ officials are extremely satisfied with the results and said they expressed that they will further increase the amount of mobile jack.
TÜDEMSAŞ, Turkey's repair almost all of our cars with a giant Wagon Repair Plant. In particular, 60 axles (passenger cars, cistern-type wagons, etc.) on 4 tons are successfully maintained and repaired in this factory. Tüpraş, MKE and the Ministry of National Defense's third party maintenance operations are also carried out in this factory.
In accordance with the regulations, all wagons need to be maintained every 5 year. This means dismantling all parts of the wagons and reviewing a number of devices, such as the wheel, side cushion and brake system underneath. During this process the wagon must be lifted up and worked underneath. Here the efficiency and safety of the business process is of paramount importance.
High tonnage problem solved with mobile system
Following the Adapazarı earthquake, TÜDEMSAŞ increased its workload after undergoing repair and maintenance of high-tonnage passenger cars. For this purpose, the factory used its own production jacks that were previously controlled and mechanically controlled. Since these jacks did not have a mobile system, the crane had to be lifted before being put underneath the wagon. Bringing the crane to the maintenance area caused time losses. In addition, the factory had a number of occupational accidents due to the fact that these mechanical jacks were connected with a single connection and did not have sufficient safety systems. When the wagon got out of this single bag, it slipped and fell to the ground, increasing the likelihood of loss of life.
Derviş Yıldırım, the Director of TUDEMSAŞ Wagon Repair Factory, saw the problems and found that the mobile jack can be useful in their own business processes. First, the double baga system in terms of safety has made a big difference. At the same time, large operational facilities could be in question. As a result of the researches, 2008 team mobile jack was purchased in 2. As a result of the high efficiency taken here, this number was soon upgraded to the 7 team.
BM Makine performs first domestic production
This is the year before 1,5, TUDEMSAS, started to use Mobil Jack by BM Makine. It turned out that the device was no different from its counterpart abroad.
The jack could be moved and repaired electronically during repair and maintenance. Moreover, since there is no longer any obligation to use a crane, there is no loss of time and the department could work without being bound to another unit with its own means.
Even with the double bagged system, even if the carriage slips, it is held by the lower link and the car is prevented from falling. Both sides must be raised equally during the lifting of the wagons. Mobile Jack automatically performs this compensation with the speed sensor, and when one side rises more, it stops the side and synchronizes the load again.
When the jack was placed under the wagon, the weight was placed on the jack. This led to safety problems. Mobile Jack does this electronically. Mobile Jack's high safety coefficient makes it easy and safe to work under. In addition, the mobile jack can be moved over the trolley when it is desired to be used elsewhere and the jack can be moved.
Organizations review the application
Having seen this exemplary implementation of the factory officials, who were extremely satisfied with this domestic product of BM Makine, İstanbul Ulaşım AŞ and other companies made inspections at the factory. Mobile Jacks do not require long time maintenance. TÜDEMSAŞ employees are also very satisfied with their after-sales service. The first models needed to write for service abroad. Therefore, both service time and cost were increased. Currently Turkey in this process is carried out much more quickly and cheaply after a two-year warranty period. BM Makina General Manager Mehmet Bebek, the factory is currently in the hands of the 7 team Mobil Jack wagon jack more stressed that they thought to increase over time.
VBG 14 Lifting Platforms, in accordance with DIN EN 1493, Stand 2010 norms
Technical details:
System Scope
4 Piece Jack
1 control panel
Lifting Capacity: 150 KN (15000kg) for each jack
Lifting Lower Point: 500 mm
Lifting Upper Point: 2200 mm
Lifting Distance: 1700 mm
Jack Height: ~ 3000 mm
Jack Depth: ~ 1460 mm
Jack Width: ~ 1200 mm
Drive Group: 4 KW, Motor-Reducer 230 / 400 V, 50 Hz
Replaceable nose
Lifting Speed: ~ 400 mm / min.
Switching Elements: Protection Class IP 65
Control Panel: Power Supply 400V, 50 Hz
Protection Class IP 55 Mobile
Jack Weight: ~ 1380 kg / Jack
Technical Descriptions: Wagon Jack
• 1,4 Security Factor
• 2 Columnar Construction
• Balanced load movement thanks to guidance
• Execution group in private pallet truck system.
• Thanks to the 4 wheel, which is infinitely adjustable in parallel; easy to operate, small turning radius.
• During loading; The jack is contacted to the ground in a wide area, applying minimal pressure to the surface. Thus, the ground is prevented from distortion.
• Thanks to the electronic locking system, load lifting is prevented without the jack fully seated on the floor.
Made of special rubber material and steel halkalı The special trapezoidal shaft, protected by a bellows, is driven by the Reducer-Motor group located on the jack.
• Any wear on the bearing nut is automatically controlled by means of the switch between the transport and lock nuts.
Lifting Jaw
• Thanks to the changeable lifting jaw, it is possible to lift different loads with the same jack.
• Equipped with Lifting Jaw Load Sensor System and Obstacle Detection System.
• During the lifting process with the load sensor system; controls the lifting jaws to fit into the load.
• The obstacle detection system stops the system at the moment when the load contact is interrupted in one of the jaws due to any obstacle during the download.
Security precautions
• Main switch
• Control Voltage Switch
• Lifting Limit Switch
• Automatic Carriage Nut Control
• Stopping the system in the event of the wear of the bearing nut
• Obstacle Detection System
• Phase Tracking Relay
• Overcurrent Thermal-Magnetic Relay
• Control Voltage Protection transformer
• Load Sensor System
• Electronic Synchronization Control
Electrical Hardware
In the whole system, the electrical equipment complies with the latest VDE norms.
Control panel
• Synchronous and central operation; it is controlled by the mobile switchboard.
• Operating the jacks individually is provided by a control button on the jack.
• All other jacks are automatically blocked during individual operation

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