İZBAN contribution to mass transportation

İZBAN contribution to mass transportation
İZBAN, which started pre-operation with passengers on 30 August 2010 and brought a brand new alternative to passenger traffic on the north-south axis; It has been announced that the number of people benefiting from public transportation in İzmir has increased by 2 percent in 15 years. İZBAN officials stated that the priority choice of private vehicle owners and disabled citizens is İZBAN, and said: “While the number of people using public transportation vehicles in İzmir was 2010 million in 402, when İZBAN started its flights, this number reached 2011 million in 440. Increased to 2012 million in 464. In the same period, the number of passengers of İZULAŞ, İZDENİZ and Metro also increased. Karşıyaka Traffic density in areas such as and Şirinyer has decreased significantly. In other words, while the people of İzmir did not change their vehicle preferences despite the introduction of İZBAN, 62 million people participated in public transportation in two years.

Source : www.sabah.com.t is



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