State and Citizen Bridge Together in Espiye

In the village of Kurugeriş, in the Espiye district of Giresun, a bridge is built with state-citizen cooperation.
5 meter width and 16 meter length will be started. Murat Gülmüş, the headman of Kurugeriş Village, stated that the main road and foot foundation excavations of the bridge, which was started to be built on Gelivera Creek, were completed in the last week and construction started. In his villages, one of the most beautiful examples of state-citizen cooperation has occurred and the village's great bridges to reach the villages and neighborhoods have made great sacrifices.
The construction of the new bridge to the village of Espiye Kurugeriş with the cooperation of state-citizen Espiye Governor Osman Bilgin, Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Mehmet Emür, Special Provincial Administration Road and Transportation Services Director Mustafa Kemal Bilgin, Provincial Assembly Members Mehmet Dursun, Hayrettin Öztürk, AK Party Espiye The head of the district, Ali Kemal Akkaya, together with the Special Administration Director Mürsel Mert made observations.

Source: last minute



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