The first passenger of the new buses of Izmir became the President (Photo Gallery)

The first passenger of the new buses in Izmir became President
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality received 300 from the new solo bus 70 purchased. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu also participated in the first voyage of the buses that were put into service. Mayor Kocaoglu, "no matter what people say, no matter what the producer produces, the Metropolitan Municipality will work and 4 million Izmir will continue to serve," he said.
In the past months, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality realized the tender for 300 pieces solo bus and took the first party of 70 vehicles of the buses produced by TEMSA company. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu attended the ceremony held at Inciraltı Eshot Garage for the commissioning of the buses. Dr. Hülya Güven and Alaattin Yüksel, Sabancı Industry Group President and TEMSA Global Chairman Mehmet Pekarun, Balçova Mayor Mehmet Ali Çalkaya, Narlıdere Mayor Abdül Batur, Mayor of Urla Selçuk Karaosmanoğlu, Aliağa Mayor Turgut Oğuz, İzmir Chamber of Commerce Assembly President Selami Özpoyraz, EBSO Parliament Speaker Mehmet Tiryaki, İZSİAD President Ayhan Baran and TEMSA Global General Manager Dinçer Çelik also attended.
Fleet age goes down to 5
Speaking at the ceremony, Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu said that they received 300 from the 70 solo bus and that they could get the rest early in the beginning of July: “From June onwards, no air-conditioned cars will come out. All of our vehicles will be air conditioned and suitable for disabled people. We bought 72 buses, one thousand 240 buses to ESHOT and one 1312 bus to İZULAŞ. İZULAŞ's 80 bus will be in service until June this year. We bought 15 catamaran type economic, fast passenger ferry. It will connect Izmir Bay, Karaburun, Foça, Urla, Güzelbançe with the ferry and connect them with Konak, Üçkuyular, KarşıyakaWe will come to the level to carry. Our first ferry will arrive at the end of the year. We also started the tender of our 3 car ferry. When they arrive, this 10 year is very efficient in transportation investments of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and enriches the year with more investment than it has ever seen before. We reduce the ideal fleet age to 6, which is accepted as the average 5 in European Union standards. We are making improvements above European standards.
“Whoever says what“
Providing information about the investments in metro and rail system, Kocaoglu said, hız Without increasing the comfort and speed of transportation, it is not possible to talk about the comfortable life in the city without bringing the citizens on time. It is mentioned but stays in the air. Since we took office, we have increased the 11 mileage network to 22 kilometers. We have put the 80 mile rail system from zero to the subway standard. On the one hand, we extend the 30 to Torbalı. 3,5 kilometers of metro work continues. We expect the approval of the SPO for the 26,5 mileage tram line; We're going to tender. 4 years to promote the transfer and for the convenience of the only ticket 90 minutes to continue the application, rahat he said.
Mayor Kocaoğlu also said that they continue to open new roads and boulevards in order to relieve the urban traffic. L No matter what someone says, no matter what he says, no matter what he wants to produce, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will continue to work and 4 million İzmirli will continue to serve. Neither my person nor anyone has the right to release the energy of this city by releasing negative energy into the city, criticizing it and speaking it. Let's work together. Let's develop our people. Let's create a city that will live healthier. We also benefit from the country's development. Ülke
Turkey's leading city of Izmir
Speaking at the ceremony, Mehmet Pekarun, Chairman of Sabancı Industry Group and Chairman of TEMSA Global Board of Directors, said: konuşan It is a very important day for us. We created a strong brand in automotive and we moved it to Europe. the largest urban bus Turkey's leading and innovative delivery of our city are done in Izmir, "he said.
Dincer Celik, General Manager of TEMSA Global said, er These steps in the transportation infrastructure of municipalities ensure that even the citizens get good service. I also congratulate these works in İzmir. Comfort and security at the highest level. . Fuel savings are high. Yakıt
TEMSA Global Chairman Mehmet Pekarun presented a plaque of gratitude and a model of buses to the Mayor of Izmir, Aziz Kocaoğlu. After the ceremony, President Kocaoglu, Sabanci group officials and attendees of the ceremony were the first time the bus passengers. President Kocaoğlu, who took the bus from Inciralti, traveled to Konak.
1312 new bus taken
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has taken 2004 air-conditioned bus from 1312 to today. In this period, 1072 units were purchased by ESHOT General Directorate and 240 pieces were taken by İZULAŞ. With the new purchases made by ESHOT and İZULAŞ, the average age of buses in İzmir will fall below 5. After the last purchases, the number of buses for the handicapped will reach 780 and the 70 of the fleet will consist of buses with these specialties.

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