Establishment of Logistics Center in Eastern Black Sea

Establishment of Logistics Center in Eastern Black Sea
The German delegation, including Dıetrıch, Chairman of the Shipping Economics and Logistics Institute (ISL), which operates in the field of logistics and economics, examined the logistics center in Trabzon and Rize, which is planned to be established in the Eastern Black Sea.

In the Black Sea region, which will be established in the Eastern Black Sea, a logistic center will be prepared to prepare a technical report. Dr. Dr. Hans Dietrich, co-operative director of the logistical organizations in the same country. Thomas Nobel and Germany's Jade Weser Port Director Rudiger Beckman came to Trabzon.

These people learned that they made the design of the logistics centers in the world, the Eastern Black Sea logistics center to be set up in Trabzon and Rize 3 examined the separate address.

After the examinations, as well as the German delegation, the Governor of Trabzon Recep Kızılcık, Trabzon Mayor Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, Eastern Black Sea Development Agency

(DOKA) Secretary General Çetin Oktay Kaldırım, Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry

(TTSO) Chairman Suat Hacısalihoğlu and the governors of various institutions held a meeting in Trabzon Governorship.

Cranberry, the opening of the meeting, the importance of the logistics center they dreamed of establishing in Trabzon, the German delegation said they would help them with the application examples in the world and the report they prepared.

Professor Dr. Dietrich also pointed out the geographical location of Trabzon, "starting from the regional market in terms of transportation to the worldwide markets in terms of container and freight traffic in a very important geography," he said.

Dietrich, Trabzon, primarily a regional, then an international logistics center can be established, he said.

The meeting then continued off to the press.

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