The cable car will arrive in Sarıalana in July

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, which is one of the symbols of the cable car, which continues to renovate the cable car, said: "The cable car will reach the hotels in November in October in the Sarıalan" he said.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which relieves the transportation of Bursa with alternative solutions, continues the renovation works of the cable car which is the annual symbol of the city 50. Bel As Metropolitan Municipality, we are renewing the cable car which is one of the most important symbols of Bursa. The cable car that formed the bridge between Bursa and Uludağ was an important transportation vehicle for the tourists who came to Bursa. From 1963 to 2013, it served around 50 years. After the renovation work, we have increased the 4500 meter line of the ropeway to about 8 thousand 500 meters. Yenileme

President Altepe, expressing that the work continues quickly, ar On the one hand our station buildings, on the other hand all the concrete concretes are being thrown, the last missing. In the next two months, new poles will be installed and mounted by airborne helicopters. After the station buildings are completed, our new ropeway system with our new cabins will be completed in July until the first stage in Sarıalan. İstasyon

Mayor Altepe stated that as long as the weather conditions are suitable, the works are continuing rapidly. Ederek Our goal is to reach Sarıalan in July and to reach hotels in November. Currently, the experienced Leitner company is working fast. On the one hand, while manufacturing in Italy and France is continuing, construction works are continuing here. In the coming months, there will be a busy installation period and this summer, the cable lift capacity of Bursa will be in operation with an increase of 12 times dönem.

Altepe, added that the cable car will add value to Bursa's economy and tourism. President Altepe, the Metropolitan Municipality Secretary-General Seyfettin Avşar and Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Altın and AK Party Lightning District Chairman Hüdayi Yazıcı accompanied.

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