TCDD Dinar Conductor

TCDD Dinar Conductor
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 7. Chief Operating Officer Enver Timur Taurus, Dinar district, used by drug addicts found in empty buildings.
Taurus, along with TCDD Immovable Property Manager Hasan Kara came to the town of Dinar.
Bulgari, Avni Kula, District Governor Hasan Gokpinar, Mayor Saffet Acar, Police Chief Ahmet Yapar and District National Education Director Hasan Tahtaoglu, along with TCDD Dinar Chiefs in the area around a very large land and used by substance addicts came to the area.
Formerly used as a staff dormitory building and old hangar warehouse in demand if the demand can be rented and evaluated according to Bull, these two places to prepare the projects, if the demands are presented at very attractive prices will be given to rent.
Dinar Mayor Saffet Acar stated that the most suitable project could be done for the hangar as a municipality and the tea garden system in Burdur could be applied to this region.
After the examination, some of the places where the substance addicts will be demolished, will be kept under protection, sheds in the region were reported to be scrapped.

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