Sponge Loaded

On the road in Yalova-Izmit on the move, a flame burned.
According to information obtained, from Bursa to Istanbul carrying the sponge Cengiz Akbaş (59) under the direction of 25 LN 598 plate truck tractor in the vicinity of the center of Çiftlikköy yet an unknown reason began to burn. The flames swept the entire vehicle as soon as possible.

Realizing the flame of the shaft of the driver Akbaş, the vehicle by pulling the roadside told the fire crews. Burning tractor farm, Çiftlikköy, Taşköprü and Yalova fire crews intervened.

Due to fire, the highway was closed for about half an hour. After the fire was extinguished, the road was opened to traffic again. The rider was claimed to have driven about a further 3 mile, despite warnings from other vehicle drivers on the road.

Kaynak: sabah

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