Awarded Students in Ski Competitions

Hakkari Yüksekova District Governor Yasin Tikdağ the world and winning in skiing competition held on various dates throughout Turkey were rewarded students.
Yüksekova District Governor Yasin Tikdağ, Yüksekova Director of National Education Adem Özmen, school teachers, students and relatives of the students who were placed attended the award ceremony held in the conference hall of the district's Hamit Bıçak Primary School. After voiced student songs prepared by the award ceremony Yüksekova District Governor Yasin Tikdağ, held in Erzurum with the Balkan skiing competition held in Romania World Ski Championships and School from Turkey to students entering degree in Ski Championships he gave various gifts.

Speaking after the gifts were given, District Governor Tikdağ stated that they wholeheartedly congratulate all the winning students and said, “I think that the achievements of these friends should be emphasized. These achievements of our students set a good example for our other young people and students. Our students continued their studies with great determination and enthusiasm, in the harsh winter conditions of Yüksekova, regardless of the cold temperatures up to minus 30-35 degrees. and they achieved good degrees after these studies. It is very important to achieve these serious achievements among 16 million students. In this sense, we also attach great importance to the success achieved. We will make every effort to ensure the continuation of these successes. I would like to thank our teacher Fikret Ören and other teachers who supported and supported the students in achieving this success and under all circumstances ”.

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