Snowfall in Artvinde

In Artvin, heavy snowfall has a negative impact on life. While the 118 village road across the province is closed for transportation, the Hopa Lifeboat Gateway does not give drivers access. While dozens of vehicles stay on the road at Mount Hopa's 690 altitude Cankurtaran Pass, drivers experience a hard time at the gate that holds ice in the ground. The control center of the Regional Directorate of Traffic cannot be seen under the snow in the passage where the cold and its type are effective. Artvinliler longing for snowfall compared to last year, "Cemre came, this year will not snow the month of March," he was faced with snowfall, the moment he met. Long vehicle queues occurred on the roads due to snow. Kamil Agha rescue team, Idris and Saban Yilmaz grows with the cranes.
A vehicle caught in the road to the road with the help of long-term traffic tools survived.
Due to snowfall in Artvin, 17 in Ardanuç, 13 in Arhavi, 23 in Borçka, 7 in Hopa, 8 in Murgul, 22 in Şavşat and 28 village road in Yusufeli were closed. Special Provincial Administration and Highways team trying to open the road to reach the snow thickness of Artvin 20 centimeters, high cuts 1 meters in the lifeguard gate 80 centimeter output.
In the region, where the transportation route is difficult, the traffic crews do not allow the passage of chainless, tow rope and wedge-free vehicles. In the region, the passage of large tonnage vehicles is allowed controlled.

Source: IHA

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