The signature campaign for the Bayburta Railway

The signature campaign for the Bayburta Railway
The signature campaign, initiated by Bayburt Central District Presidency of the Saadet Party, started with an intense interest for the Train, which was longing for the most popular subjects of the recent years.
Saadet Party City President Osman Nuri Temur, Saadet Party Central District President Abdulmecit Bekmezci, President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry İbrahim Yumak, Martyr and Gazi Families Solidarity Association President Haluk Akkoyunlu, Memur-Sen Bayburt Branch President Fikret Ozbey, Bem-Bir-Sen Bayburt Branch President Cavit Turk and many citizens attended. The fact that political parties did not participate in the signature campaign was one of the most important issues.
The President of the Saadet Party Central District, Abdulmecit Bekmezci, who made a press statement in front of the Yakutiye Mosque which was the first Place of the signature campaign, said: It is the act of all the Bayburtlular who live in the country and abroad, especially in the winter, the cold hardness, the dust in the summer, the cold flow of the Coruh, the pride of the castle and the spiritual power of the Kop martyrs in his heart. Noting that the transportation system and facilities as a whole not only affect the general structure of the cities and countries, but also the economic, social and cultural dynamics applied in that city or country, Pekmezci said in his speech that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will support the railway to pass through Bayburt. .
Transport systems and facilities not only affect the overall structure of a city or country as a whole, but also affect the economic, social and cultural dynamics that are applied in that city or country. As in every field, the most modern and most advanced transportation vehicles in the field of transportation, to keep up with technological developments is an indicator of economic development and prosperity. The purpose of transportation; to move people and things as soon as possible in a cheaper and safer way. The main task of the state is; to increase the transportation capacity in order to meet the needs of economic and social developments and to establish and coordinate the transportation systems suitable for the country and community interests. It is a fact that the only important route connecting the eastern provinces to the coast is the historical Silk Road. Although historical settlements such as Erzurum, Bayburt, Trabzon have had close commercial, social and cultural relations; It will be the occasion for Bayburt's underground riches to be brought to light, and this will attract the investors to the region with the operation of the underground riches, thus opening up the employment areas and bringing new business areas to life. 2. We believe that our deputy, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will make every effort in order to pass the railway route from Bayburt.
Considering that the products produced in agriculture will contribute to more buyers; It is a fact that the farmer will increase the variety of crops, increase the diversity of the crops and make a great contribution to the economic development. However, it is evident that it will eliminate the biggest obstacle to industrialization by bringing our railway city together with cheaper raw materials. Railway means an investor in terms of both transportation costs and time. Railway means half the cost. Railroad means humility and sophistication. For the social and economic development of our city, there is a need for the railway to pass through our province. 2 in the railway project of vital importance for Bayburt. We believe that our deputy, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will make every effort in order to pass the railway route from Bayburt.
Once the idea of ​​the Bayburt being the province of the town, the sons of this town has struggled with the power of seven from the power of the town and if the future has shown the same sensitivity in the Araklı tunnel will still hold the case with the same love and perseverance, so that this service is seen as someone dreamed of Bayburt will help us gain. We are exhibiting this unity and togetherness in a single wrist, one heart, one body in order to make our future more bright and livable with the same spirit and excitement as in many times in history. First of all, we present our heartfelt thanks to the representatives of the political parties, non-governmental organizations and very valuable citizens who are a whole in this lush taste and excitement. We are waiting for our signature campaign to be supported by our valuable citizens living outside Bayburt, Bayburt associations and our bureaucrats in Bayburt and we would like them to send us their signatures within a week. Thanks to this occasion, we express our gratitude to all the organizations that have contributed again and we cry out as a final word: ışı Don't say what happens with a signature, the flapping of the butterflies that direct the winds en
6 March 2013 It will be announced by the Saadet Party Provincial Presidency after completing the signatures to be collected by visiting the towns and towns and tradesmen in different positions until Wednesday.

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