Şerafettin Aşuttan Logistics Central Call

Şerafettin Aşuttan Logistics Central Call
Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO) Chairman Şerafettin Aşut, Turkey's Logistics Performance Index 27. it was gratifying, but the logistics infrastructure for the first 10 target was insufficient.
2012 years announced by the World Bank's Logistics Performance Index MTSO President made a written statement regarding the Aşut, according to the Logistics Performance Index, bypassing Turkey's 2011 7 27 step by the year. reported that he rose to the queue. Noting that Turkey Aşut 10 enter the first destination of logistics, the increase is gratifying, however, he stressed that there were insufficient logistics infrastructure to achieve the first target 10. . Having too many logistics companies, having your strategic importance, having your harbor or thousands of trucks is not enough to make you a logistics center. Logistics is the planning and calculation of all these. Without logistical planning, you cannot do logistics or earn money from the logistics you do. This inefficient logistics is reflected in the costs negatively and does not benefit from competition. All these efficiency centers are logistics centers. The only thing to remember is that not only the establishment of a logistics center is necessary, it should be established in the most productive region. Un
In this sense, Turkey's Istanbul after scheduled in Mersin, the largest foreign trade center, the still realization Mersin Logistics Specialized Organized Industrial Zone model of the entire effort shown to be as Mersin business world, entering the first 10 in Turkey's logistics Asut, stating that contradicts with the target, said:, 500 billion dollar export freight with which the infrastructure will carry the freight? With which planning will we create added value? When we look at the logistics opportunities of the countries above, we cannot say that we are still at this level. It should not be forgotten that logistics is not only a sector that creates added value, it is also a sector that determines the profit of exports and the solution of unemployment problem. Three birds with one stone cannot enter into the first 10 by neglecting our most powerful side. They say, 'The potential is the river flowing from your head, while you are thirsty.' Yes, we have logistic potential, but if we cannot activate it with the logistics center, water flows from our heads, but we are broken by thirst.

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