Traffic accident on Samsun rail route (Photo Gallery)

Traffic accident on Samsun rail system route
4 people were injured in a traffic accident in Samsun.
The accident occurred at 18.30 on İsmet İnönü Boulevard, Denizevleri Mahallesi in Atakum district. According to the information obtained, the car with 19 LZ 55 plate under the direction of Burak Safa Akoğlu (334) lost its steering control after 150 meters after passing the light rail system Denizevleri Stop Junction on İsmet İnönü Boulevard and hit the rail system road and hit the pole in the route. As the vehicle turned to scrap in the collision, its engine jumped about 15 meters. Driver Burak Safa Akoğlu and Recep Can Canaz (21) in the vehicle, Oğuz Can Akoğlu and İsmail Sıtık Kılcan were injured in the accident. Burak Safa Akoğlu and Recep Can Canaz, who were injured, were taken to the Training and Research Hospital by the 112 Emergency Service teams, while the other injured were treated at the accident site. Investigation into the accident continues.

Günceleme: 26/11/2018 18:04

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