Safety system in EU norms for railways

Safety system in EU norms for railways
TCDD is implementing the Safety Management System to reduce injuries caused by accidents, damage to railway vehicles and environmental damage.
Republic of Turkey General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), for example, to make journeys safer train is one of the safest means of transport between modes of transport has signed a project. "Covered zero accident" target, Safety Management System, which must be established in the EU railways (IMS), also brought to life in Turkey.
AMS, consisting of 5 pieces and 10 pieces, is considered a wider railway application of the quality management system. The main objective of the system is to reduce the number of accidents occurring in the railway. In addition to this, to minimize the damage caused to the environment by means of vehicle damage caused by accidents caused by passengers and workers. The system also aims to establish a culture of safety system for the employees and to have an audit policy of the railways.
3 personnel will be given safety training
TCDD completed the tender for "Training and Consultancy for Adoption of Safety Management System in Railways, Increasing Its Effectiveness, Implementation and Development of Safety Culture". A contract was signed with the contractor firm for the establishment of an IMS in the YHT Regional Directorate. Within the scope of the EYS, which will last for 3 years according to the contract, education regional centers will be established in each region. Local and foreign experts will give trainings for railway workers for 6 months each. At the end of the training, an exam will be held and the performance of the participants will be evaluated. A certificate will be given to the participants according to the exam results.

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