Sabancı Group exerts a pulse for train operations

Sabancı Group exerts a pulse for train operations
Sabancı Holding took the first serious step when the bill, which would end the public monopoly in railway transportation, was submitted to the Parliament.
It was learned that Sabancı Group had taken the pulse to operate trains in railways after TCDD's monopoly was lifted.
The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications submitted to the Parliament the draft for the abolition of the public monopoly on freight and passengers in railways. With the bill, the private sector will be able to transport freight and passengers using the railway infrastructure. While the preparations for the bill were continuing, companies that aspired to train operations started to emerge.
It was stated that Sabancı Holding took the train transportation business to a close mark. Sabancı management showed its interest in the contacts it held in Ankara a while ago. It was stated that Sabancı had received information about the timing of the liberalization in the meetings at the Ministry of Transport and TCDD. TCDD sources, noting that local and foreign companies are also interested in Sabancı, said, "With the law, there will be serious dynamism in the sector." It was learned that the companies see it particularly profitable and want to operate on the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train line, which is expected to open in October 2013.
Logistics companies are preparing
It is known that many logistics companies are also preparing for railway transportation after the liberalization in the railways. The world's giant expects some international firms to the formation of a rail investment conditions in Turkey, for the production of cars and locomotives as part of a plan to install a factory in Turkey said.
Kamil Koç was also interested in Varan
In the first period when TCDD's monopoly on railways came to the agenda, bus operators Kamil Koç and Varan also revealed that they intend to do railway transportation. Kamil Koç and Varan gave the green light to the issue of high-speed train operations between Ankara and Istanbul, pointing out that Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train services may adversely affect bus operations.

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