The process for the auction of bridges and motorways starts again

Prime Minister Erdogan's lar Price should be at least 7 billion dollars ğ after the announcement of the tender in the past weeks for the bridge and motorways that have been canceled is restarted.
After the cancellation of the tender, Köprü Otoyol A.Ş. With the establishment and public offering, the regulation, which also allowed the issuance of sukuk, known as the lease certificate, came to the Assembly with the Torba Law.
Following the announcement of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, “The price should be at least 7 billion dollars”, the Government took the first step for bridges and highways, the tender of which was canceled in the previous weeks. The government, which focused on public offering or leasing with different capital instruments instead of the transfer of operating rights on bridges and highways, sent the relevant regulation to the Assembly to fill the legal gaps.
According to the news of Gülümhan Gülten from Vatan newspaper; An amendment was introduced to the establishment of the "Köprü ve Otoyol A.Ş." from the Bag Law on Public Finance and Debt Management sent to the Parliament.
Regulation, bridge, highway, etc. Including the public real estates, including A.Ş. There will be the assignment of public capital institutions to establish asset leasing companies with a private legal entity, or to establish asset leasing companies with a private legal entity. The purpose of these companies will be to export capital instruments, especially "sukuk". These are bridge highway. etc. will issue a “lease certificate” based on assets. In order for these issues to be issued without delay, any necessary procedures, including changes in the land registry, will be implemented immediately upon the application of the Undersecretariat of Treasury. Regulation, to be established A.Ş. It makes detailed arrangements for every problem that companies with status can face. There are also provisions regarding the purification of these companies from all kinds of administrative and financial burdens.
The Bag Law sent by the government to Parliament and on Public Finance and Debt Management consists of 49 articles.
The mentioned article of the Torba Law makes the necessary arrangements in the article 7 / A added to the law with the title of “Lease Certificate” in June last year. The “Lease Certificate” regulation added to the law in June last year paved the way for the Treasury to issue 'lease certificates' as well as bonds and bills for domestic and foreign borrowing.
New Editing Inc. In the issuance of lease certificates for airports, railroads and dams, especially for highways and bridges that can be exported with the status of issuing valuable papers, it completes the gaps in the current arrangement for the application.
Bridge and highway tender was canceled in the previous week by the decision of the ÖYK. The tender was won by Koç-Ülker-UEM joint venture with 5.7 billion dollars. In the last days when new models, including sukuk issuance, gained weight instead of transfer of operating rights in the government.
Ali Babacan, Deputy Prime Minister Responsible for Economy, said that they are working on new models after the cancellation of the bridge and highway tender. Köprü ve Otoyol A.Ş. we can sell shares, ”he said.
It is stated that in case of Sukuk issuance, participation banks will be intense and 5.6 billion dollars of customers in the first tender are already ready. of very high amounts of funds to invest in the world is emphasized in this way can be drawn to Turkey.
long been debated in Turkey 'Sukuk' or known as 'Sukuk' exported 3 years ago, it has gained legal infrastructure.
The Treasury made its first sukuk issuance in September 2012 while the “Rent Certificate” notification prepared by the CMB paved the way for private companies to issue Islamic bills. Although there are different types, sukuk-u is expected to be put into practice for the bridge and highway. In this application, which is generally described as the 'system to be shared with the revenues of public assets', public assets are sold to an asset management company with a commitment to 'buy back'.
This company pays coupons with certain terms. At the end of 5 to 10 years, the asset goes public again. The 'sukuk' system is also spreading among non-Muslim countries and financial institutions. Sukuk issuance is estimated to reach 2012 billion dollars by the end of 100.

Source: the ekoayrınt



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