RayHaber Magazine issue 1

From the kitchen of the industry

Hello there;
Besides the high-speed train line target of about 10 thousand kilometers in length is planned in the coming 10-year period, with metro and tram project, Turkey will be the largest rail market in Europe. Passenger and freight transport has already started to shift rapidly from highways to railways ...

In the 1993 "rail systems school" as I have ever seen Siemens to begin work on Turkey's first railway will write the text editor of the magazine had never occurred to me! When I was a student, I worked for almost 10 years in the company that I entered temporarily and still continue to provide services in this sector. After 20 year after year, I appeal to you from the kitchen of the sector.

Before we released our magazine, we scanned the 20-year railway news archive for you. our sites http://www.rayhaber.com We have signed more than 1 thousand news in a year. We want to show the same success for our magazine, which will become a passion. The magazine in your hand will be published every 13 months in Turkish and English. Our goal is to be distributed to all countries, and an international journal railways ministers from Turkey. I believe that we will achieve this together with an expert staff and people and organizations that support us wholeheartedly.

Our journal consists of 6 sections:
1) Infrastructure, 2) Electrical and Electronics, 3) Trains, 4) Railway, 5) Urban Transport 6) RayHaber In the positive (RH +) section, we will include special interviews, articles, reports and event news. Our cover issue in our first issue is 'Haydarpaşa Railway Station' ık We looked at this historical place which has been in our memory with the separation and the reunions from the sky.
I would like to thank the state institutions, universities, associations and all the railway lovers who supported us. In the second issue you will read with pleasure, you will see the c

Levent ÖZEN

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