Rail systems will create radical changes in Bursa traffic

Rail systems will create radical changes in Bursa traffic
The rail system method in public transportation was not limited to the transportation system in Bursa but it started the new city period shaping daily life.
After the light subway, the Republic Street and Tramway were switched to 2. type rail transportation will reach the actual size with the asıl T1 ”line.
The most central part of the city; Construction of the line going through the streets of Atatürk, İnönü, Uluyol, Darmstadt, Stadium and Altıparmak, but continues Atatürk
The streets where the tram will work, and hence the city's most central, will take on a comprehensive new traffic pattern after many years.
In addition to line construction Hat
Arrangements are also underway for the physical conditions and new functions of the streets. The tram will not be in service, the streets will be completed with the new period will be passed immediately.
The Transport Coordination Center (UKOME), headed by the Metropolitan Municipality, decided to integrate the complementary traffic regulations for the trams.
The physical arrangements that create necessity due to line transitions and stations are of course the main factor in the new traffic system.
Altiparmak Avenue, upwards; There will be a couple of trips to the city center, but if there are descents on the direction of Çekirge, there will be a single lane. Filled with pockets on the sidewalks. Dolmuşlar, only downloads.
Bus stops are being removed from the streets of Inönü, Uluyol and Darmstadt. Dolmuşlar, will be able to download, but will not be able to take passengers on a wait.
Towards Cakirhamam; Zafer Plaza's New Karamürsel entrance will continue its üne U devam return but will not be able to go to Altıparmak Avenue. Just to return to Şehreküstü Square.
From Şehreküstü Square to Atatürk Street, the connection is only possible with the bridge of Çatalfırın Köprülü Junction.
With the removal of the pool with the pool beneath the bridge, the connection road to Ataturk Street will be opened. At the end of the bridge, the signaling will be established and will be activated according to the arrival of the tram.
The main road intersections will be signaled. This is the beginning of the way to the exit of Ataturk Street and the station will take place in this area, the dolmuş stop is removed.
The road leading to the Atatürk Avenue in front of the historical governor's office in Cumhuriyet Square will not be used outside the official institution.
Darmstadt Street, which is an important connection alternative within the city center, will operate in one direction with the new application.
Especially from Kent Square to Çekirge and Reşat Oyal Culture Park, the main and main street is not going to the direction of Kent Square. There will be no connection to the City Square with this street over the streets of Altıparmak, Stadium and Çekirge.
The traffic regulations and the new regulations foreseen with physical conditions were decided by evaluating the opinions and suggestions of Bursa Ulaşım A.Ş., which is affiliated with the Metropolitan Municipality.
In addition to the tram, the technical works that were built by Istanbul Transport Inc., which is connected to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, also provided the infrastructure for giving the new shape to Bursa traffic.

Source: Serkan İNCEOĞLU - www.bursahakimiyet.com.t is



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