Iron-network mobilization in private sector started

Iron-network mobilization in private sector started
If the bill becomes a law, companies will be able to build their own railway and operate the train on the state track. After the plane, this time the private sector operated comfortable trains will not ride.
The draft law on the abolition of state monopoly on railways initiated the mobilization of iron networks in the private sector. Especially logistics and bus companies are willing to invest in railway. In this way, the next 10 investment in railways is expected to find 150 billion dollars.
TCDD Transport Inc. envisages the establishment of Turkey's Draft Law on Liberalization of Railway Transport, Parliamentary Public Works, Transportation and Tourism Commission was accepted. With the draft law, public legal entities and companies can be authorized by the Ministry to build their own railway infrastructure and to be a railway train operator on the national railway infrastructure network. In other words, the monopoly of TCDD will be lifted on railways and the market will be opened to the private sector.
The draft law raised the appetite of Turkish and foreign companies to invest in Turkish railways. Many companies have started to make investment plans despite the fact that the law has not yet entered into force.
Some of the companies are planning to enter the sector for freight transportation and some for passenger transportation. The last 10 railways were invested in 26 billion liras per year. With the liberalization, the next 10 will find 150 billion dollars in public and private sector investments over the years. As it is a state monopoly now, subcontractors cannot produce independently.
The abolition of state monopoly on railways will lead many companies that are producing only for TCDD to produce wagons for the private sector. Law firms may come together international giants even investment in railways in Turkey.
As for the private sector, it would be possible to produce 1.000 pieces of wagons per year in a factory. Experts least 5 thousand cars a year to get ahead of Turkey in international competition
states that it should produce. Thus, the number of companies that want to produce wagons will increase and this increase will decrease the wagon prices. Wagon prices are expected to decline due to increased competition. In addition, domestic wagons will keep the foreign currency and a new employment gate will be created with the investments.
Many logistics companies have begun to investigate investment opportunities for the railway. According to the sector representatives, a company that will be stripped of freight by rail is required to create a parking lot of at least 150-200.
With the draft, Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ) are also brought to the right to operate railway. This means that OSBs have the right to operate both rail and train.
To encourage the private sector
The General Directorate of Rail Regulation will take economic measures to encourage and encourage the private sector in the liberalization process. It will take measures to prevent an operator from becoming dominant in the market and create an effective regulation mechanism to ensure access to the natural monopoly infrastructure in a non-discriminatory manner. General Director of Railroad Regulatory Affairs Erol Çıtak said: yap The legal and structural arrangements to be made and the ways that the companies that will carry freight and passengers on railways will use the railway infrastructure will be put on the legal basis. For example, a company that wants to serve by using the railway infrastructure, the conditions to serve a company, training and certification of employees, the use of tools such as the use of tools will be determined by legislation. In this context, our Directorate General started to work on legislation by taking advantage of the IPA funds of the European Union and works are continuing rapidly. Bu
Need support for cheap tickets
intercity passenger bus carrying a total 573 company in Turkey. The number of bus companies carrying passengers abroad is close to 150. İTO Travel Services Professional Committee Council Member Hasan Tahsin Yücefer said that they are interested in railway transportation as bus-carrying companies. Yücefer said that the critical issue is the ticket prices: bilet The low train ticket prices make it difficult to meet the investment costs. If the price of the high-speed train ticket is as high as in Europe, our passengers do not demand. Even if prices are low, they do not cover investment costs. In both cases, the state should subsidize. Because it's much more costly to travel by train than by bus. Also, find spare parts for high-speed trains in Turkey and to make maintenance difficult at the moment. We are currently in the process of research and evaluation.
The comfort will increase and the future of luxury travel
Deputy Chairman of İTO Travel Services Professional Committee Musa Alioğlu, with the investment of the private sector, will increase the comfort of railway transportation, he said. Alioğlu said:, State support to the aviation sector helps citizens travel by plane. Especially with the subsidies provided in the fuel, airline companies reduced their ticket prices and travel by plane became attractive. Today you travel by bus 150 million people per year in Turkey, the aircraft carries only 40 million domestic passengers a year. Now a comfortable train journey to the land and the airline will be added. With the introduction of high-speed trains, the trend will increase. I don't think there will be a decrease in the number of passengers using planes. Because the plane's place is separate, the location of the train is separate. Çünkü
Important step for the goal of becoming a logistics base
ITO Services Transportation and Logistics Professional Committee Deputy Chairman Şerafettin Aras, railways would take an important step towards becoming Turkey's logistical base with the opening to the private sector, he said. Aras said, özellikle The problems encountered in overseas markets, especially in road transport, have a negative impact on our exports. Therefore, the provision of alternative logistics services to road transport also supports our foreign trade. We will offer an efficient and fast corridor not only for export and import transportation, but also for transit transitions from both domestic and national. With the liberalization of the railways, an important step will be taken in this direction. Demir
90 ton of cargo cars 55 thousand euros
Currently, with the weight of its own weight, 90 has the capacity to carry heavy cargo wagons, the factory price of the wagons 45-55 thousand Euro varies between. Passenger car prices are around 1 million Euros. The price of the locomotives that will attract these wagons starts at 2.5 million Euros and can reach up to 4 million Euros. As production increases, there will be opportunities for export to countries such as Europe and North Africa.
What will liberalization bring
* The European charter trains' can begin in Turkey.
* VIP trains can be arranged on certain routes.
* Organized Industrial Zones, railway operations will be able to. Thus, OIZs will be able to install railways and have the right to train.
* Bus companies, they want to be given a certain line. If this happens, companies will be able to take passengers from Istanbul to Ankara with their own wagons, and then to Kayseri or Sivas by bus.

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