Uzbekistan to launch new railway project in Afghanistan

ozbekistan launches new railway project in afghanistan
ozbekistan launches new railway project in afghanistan

Attracting attention with its investments in railway transportation in Central Asia, Uzbekistan also caught hands with neighboring Afghanistan.

Formerly, the first railway project in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan Railways (ÖDY), now rolled up their sleeves for the second project.

Uzbekistan will build 230 kilometers long railroads as part of the new project, whose feasibility studies have been completed. The new railway network that will connect the Mezar-i Sharif in the north of the country to the province of Herat is planned to be completed in the 2013-2015 range. This project will be the second railway construction project in Uzbekistan. The new rail network is expected to cost around $ 450 million.

The first railway project in Uzbekistan, the 75 kilometer, the Tirmiz-Mezar Sherif railway line, was completed at 2010. The project, financed by the Asian Development Bank (EIB), cost around $ 170 million.

Source: TımeTurk

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