Carries rail with rope cable

Carries rail with rope cable
62-year-old Salih Nebioğlu, who is engaged in farming in Gümüşhane, had difficulty carrying grass from the barn for 20 cattle, and he installed a rail system and a cable car system for milk transportation.
Nebioğlu together with a few of his friends engaged in animal husbandry in the neighborhood of the village, increasing the number of animals in milk production by increasing the number of solutions made by a special company. Nebioğlu, who supplied a cold air tank with his friends in the neighborhood for milk, established a ropeway system for transporting milk to the tank away from the barn. Nebioğlu connecting milk filled tanks to the cable car, the milk was saved in this way from being forced to.

Expressing that both systems work with the help of a button and a remote control, Nebioğlu said that this idea came to mind when he had trouble doing things. Expressing that he made his work easier by using technology, Nebioğlu said, “We established a rail system to bring grass from the barn to the barn and a cable car system to carry milk. It made our work very easy. Both systems cost 3-4 thousand liras in total, ”he said.

Stating that he is doing his job with pleasure and pleasure, Nebioğlu said that their biggest problem is the food of animals. Nebioğlu noted that he did not come to Gümüşhane despite the fact that the grass and straw aids provided by the government in other provinces arrived and said, “I want to ask the authorities why. Why didn't the hay and grass, which came to Samsun three months ago and were distributed, come to Gümüşhane? " he spoke.

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