Bus operators running on railway

Bus operators running on railway
Bus companies, such as Ulusoy, Kamil Koç and Pamukkale, are preparing to enter the railway. Companies are also discussing the consortium with world giants.
The fact that TCDD monopoly will be lifted in railways has also mobilized intercity bus companies. Bus operators, who had great competition difficulties with plane ticket prices even below the bus prices from time to time, and worried about losing their remaining passengers to the railway to be opened to 'private', found the solution to enter the sector. Big players such as Ulusoy, Kamil Koç and Pamukkale are preparing to operate trains in railways. The companies also look favorably upon the consortium with foreign giants interested in the sector. Ulusoy wants a consortium with German Deutche Bahn, but also talks with the Spaniards. Pamukkale says 'We have the power to enter alone, we aspire to all lines'. Turkey Bus Federation, received an appointment to invest in the railway TCDD. Negotiations are in full swing.
The Giants entered as investments in Turkey
The 'liberalization law on the railway', which was recently submitted to the Parliament and planned to be put into effect this year, has whetted the appetite of domestic and foreign companies to invest in Turkish railways. Many companies started making investment plans before the law came into effect. Some of the companies will enter the sector to carry freight and some passengers. While it is mentioned that holdings such as Doğuş, Gama, Limak and Sabancı, which are domestic companies, are preparing to enter the sector, Deutsche Bahn, Rail Cargo, American company The Greenbrier Companies, as well as the Spaniards who have recently made a railway attack, are mentioned. must find a local partner for foreign companies to invest in Turkey. Another group that is very interested in liberalization in railways is bus companies. Companies such as Ulusoy, Kamil Koç and Pamukkale meet with both domestic and foreign companies for the consortium. Sector representatives explained their investment plans for the railway to the WORLD.
Bus drivers asked for an appointment from TCDD
Turkey Bus Federation (TOFED) Chairman Mehmet Erdogan, Turkey has announced that it Liberalization of Railway Transport Council presented the draft of the Law on the move then to make investments in railway sector stakeholders. Explaining that TOFED requested an appointment from TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, Erdoğan said, “We requested an appointment from TCDD to get information about the privatized lines. If we make an appointment, the investment plans of our companies will be clarified ”. Stating that the companies are planning to enter the sector by establishing a consortium in order to increase their competitiveness, Erdoğan said, “As bus drivers, we want to be given a certain line. For example, if we can carry passengers with 20 wagons on the Ankara-Istanbul route, we can sell these tickets at the bus terminals. "We can take our buses to Kayseri or Sivas on the continuation of this line," he said.

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