New Trams of the Cone (Photo Gallery)

New Trams of the Sector
Speaking at the signing ceremony held at the Mevlana Cultural Center, Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek said, Ak Our longstanding works on the public transportation system of Konya have reached an important stage. Public transportation in Konya is being planned. At this point, we started the 'Konyaray' project from the middle of 2012. After that, we will solve the problems related to the new rail system lines and the groundbreaking programs of Konyaray metro line, our investments related to the Konya public transportation system, maybe the 50 annual public transportation problems of our Konya. When this tender offer from 60 transport equipment and other additional obligations, I would like to express our signature considered as the most advantageous rail tender Konya in Turkey. After exiting the vehicle with spare parts and other equipment per 1 706 thousand million Euros a figure near the best bid for tenders in Turkey were held in Konya, "he said.
President Akyürek stated that all the vehicles will be delivered within 183 months from the date of contract of the first vehicle in the 24 day of the contract. We will introduce the models to the public and determine the color and shape with the public survey. Our rail systems have a total capacity of 56 people, including 231 people, 287 people standing on the seat. There are one hundred percent not produce low base in Turkey and around the world unhindered Our latest model vehicles that comply with this specification, it will be special to Konya As stated in the specification. A new technological stage in the Konya rail system could only be crossed by a hundred percent low base tram. After the investment process of our old tram that started at 1989, the vehicles we used in the 24 year were already high-based and we carried our 22 year. I hope that the Konyaray vehicle purchase tender, which will bring a new dimension to the rail system transportation standard in Konya, and the contract we are going to sign at present, will be beneficial for our country for our country c.
In his speech, Vice Chairman of Skoda Company, Zal Shahbaz said, da Because this tender is very clever and beautiful, 6 big company in the world could participate in this tender. It was an honest and open auction for all. And as far as we know, this tender will be an exemplary tender for other cities. This may be just a working example for all cities in the world not to Turkey, "he said.
Within the scope of the tender, 60 units include the latest model tram, 58 kinds of spare parts and 1 tooling Deray equipment. The 6 company won the tender with the 1 million 706 thousand Euros and the Czech company Skoda. The trams, which are one hundred percent low base, are also suitable for disabled descent and boarding. The driver and passenger cabins will be equipped with indoor and outdoor camera systems.
The ceremony, the AK Party Chairman of the Konya Province Ahmet Sorgun, company officials, parties and many guests attended.


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