In the fellowship, a real drill is assumed

In the fellowship, a real drill is assumed
Bursa Police Department, citizens of the public transport vehicles to warn of the events of pickpocketing wanted to warn.
Bursa Police Department wanted to warn citizens about the pickpocket events in public transportation vehicles. The passengers who thought that the police had caught a colleague by a pickpocket shouted and responded to the captured person by saying, "People are working, aren't you ashamed to steal."
The Community Supported Policing Branch Directorate teams under the Police Department warn passengers by announcing at BursaRay stations, where 200 thousand people are transported every day, against house and workplace theft, mobile phone, money and credit fraud and pickpocketing.
Police announce the measures to be taken against such events by hanging the 210 posters they have prepared on 31 different stations and 48 carriages of BursaRay.
Police officers working in the Trust Teams affiliated to the Public Security Branch Directorate of Yankescilik and Fraud Bureau also showed how the events took place with the layout they organized at BursaRay Station.
Police officers showed how the pickpockets, whose citizens usually consist of two people, squeezed the people they had cut during the trip and took their money and wallets in their pocket or bag. Meanwhile, after the pickpocket took the money in a person's pocket, some of the passengers who thought that the moment of being caught by the police were real, said to the policemen who said the pickpocket, “People are working. Aren't you ashamed to steal? God damn you. ”He reacted.
Deputy Police Chief Ahmet Pehlivan said, “We, as the organization, are based on being with our citizens. Our citizens must be alert to malicious people. Those who are exposed to such an event need to call 155 Police Emergency, without losing time. ”

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