Muhtar Kent announced the secrets of success in Uludağ

Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent told the 'secrets of success' based on his own story at the Uludağ Economy Summit.

One of the businessmen who spoke at the Uludağ Economic Summit was Muhtar Kent, known for his success in the world. Muhtar Kent, who rose to the CEO seat of Coca-Cola, told the secrets of success under the title of 'My story' at the summit.


“Growth decreases as oxygen rises. Success is hard to achieve, but much more difficult to repeat, ”Kent said, adding ways to succeed:

* Start at the bottom
* Love to ask questions and learn
* Never eat alone. Cooking is a very important opportunity to learn and communicate
* Carry your own bag yourself. Show that you're modest
* Manage time well
* Rear view mirror instead of glass, so look backward.
* Take your time
* Know the value of cash. Respect for cash is decreasing. This is one of the important causes of the recent crisis in the USA.
* Imagine
* Show your character as a CEO with brave, team-working and game-building


In his speech, Muhtar Kent explained his career, which ran as the CEO of Coca-Cola, as follows: “I started my career in Atlanta in 1979. I applied with the ad. My first 10 months passed in trucks. I sold Coke. I never forgot those months. That's where the money changes hands. If you get out of there, you will break from everything. I still enjoy the market with pleasure. In the same year, I became the advertising manager for Rome. I spent two years there. Then I went to the Netherlands. I learned human relations. In 1985, I was appointed as General Manager of Turkey. We were hurting every bottle we sell. Then the business started to grow. Then I was appointed to Vienna. In 1997 he returned to Turkey took over the Ephesus. Here I understood the importance of cash, I returned to Coca Cola in 2005, I was assigned to Asia, I understood the importance of China. In 2008, I returned to the center and became a CEO. ”


Saying that Turkish administrators will be more successful abroad, Kent said, “It is not necessary to complete the university. Family and character are very important. Half of the managers in Switzerland are not graduating from universities. They are going to vocational schools. ”

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