Mudanya Bursa Land Train Exhibition Continues (Special Report)

Mudanya-Bursa Land Train Exhibition Continues: The “Bursa's black train story Mudanya-Bursa Train Exhibition”, organized by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, carries the adventure of the Mudanya-Bursa train, which was opened in 1892 and closed in 1948, to the next generations.
Bursa City Museum, which has become a brand in the field of museology in Turkey, World Museum Day, organized by the Metropolitan Municipality "land train story of Bursa Mudanya-Bursa Train Exhibition" with celebrating. Bursa Mudanya Railway Project from the preparation of the laying of rails, from the commencement of trips to the closing and dismantling of the rails 56 annual adventure, historical documents and old photographs to present the exhibition, the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe attended the ceremony.
Mudanya- Bursa Train Line Route 42km. 27 hectares covered by railway enterprises.
There are 2 mines, 13 masonry bridges, 15 culverts and 14 stations along the line, 92 of which are large and 6 of which are small. Stations; Mudanya, Yörükali, Koru, Çekirge, Muradiye, Bursa Demirtaş. The name of Muradiye Station will be changed to Merinos in 1945. There are 4 locomotives, 6 passengers and 10 freight wagons, 14 of which are idle, on trains that operate on the railway.
The repair work started on June 8, 1891, and was opened with a ceremony on June 17, 1892. In the Hüdavendigar Province Yearbook, it is stated that Sultan Abdülhamit II, who came from Istanbul to Mudanya by the Benghazi ferry, and then to Bursa by train, officially opened the Hüdavendigar province, but no record of this was found. Governor, notables of the province, Ottoman Bank Director Monsieur Navil, Minister of Public Works (Minister of Public Works) Tevfik Pasha, French Ambassador Monsieur Kabnon are the names included in the official protocol.
After the opening between the public and protocol's "Long live my sultan" manifestation, a dinner meeting was held in the locomotive warehouse for 120 people, and on its menu, "Monk mountain trout and sea bass, chicken rice, beef grill and fillet, turkey blaze, asparagus and fruit" were organized.

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