Metrobus and Cable Car is Not a Dream for Izmit

CHP Environmental Commission President Fatma Gediksiz in his statement, the city's 10 drew attention to the next traffic year. Gediksiz said that it would still be impossible for the people to return home from work, from work to home, saying that the BRT and cable car were not a dream for Izmit.

CHP Izmit District Environment Commission made a press statement yesterday in Cumhuriyet Park, while the CHP's suggestions regarding the traffic problem in Izmit were put forward, it was pointed out that the AKP's local government did not even carry out the projects that could be done. Commission President Fatma Gediksiz said that traffic and transportation are important for a livable environment. Gediksiz said that the Metropolitan's Transportation Master plan is to use the city and the people to the AKP Headquarters, and noted that they saw the city drowned by highways from the north and south. Stating that the metrobus and cable car systems provided in the last election period were not a dream for Izmit, Gediksiz noted that instead of a solution to transportation problems, the people were left alone with new problems.


CHP Izmit District President Selman Yildirim also participated in the press release party members showed interest. Fatma Gediksiz, who is the president of the Environmental Commission, said that the inhabitants of the city have at least the right to speak as much as the municipalities. He said that he would not be able to ed run the high speed train ed. Gediksiz, who stated that the transportation master plan of Kocaeli and İzmit is the logistics planning, stated that the master plan does not have the thought and effort that the public should live in a healthy environment. Transport centers of the logistics centers in Kosekoy and Gebze will take place soon, but the planned routes will be made in the 10 year, saying Gediksiz, "This means that we can not go to our work and home soon," he said.


Gediksiz said that the air pollution to be brought by the vehicles in the city should be calculated, and that they want to turn the AKP into the backyard of Istanbul and bring it to Istanbul. Emphasizing that there is still no work for the promised metrobus and ropeway in the last election period, Gediksiz stated that the AKP is not shy to go to light rail system such as Eskişehir and İzmir. Expressing the CHP's recommendations Gediksiz, the environment is not only the park garden arrangement, to raise the welfare of the people of the city, he said. The municipality of the municipality of the heavy scenario for the city will read the heavy and stating that will give the money Gediksiz, Izmit said that the Izmit.

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