Mersin Karaman Mersin Logistics Meeting was held in Mersin (Photo Gallery)

Mersin Karaman Mersin Logistics Meeting was held in Mersin (Photo Gallery)
Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan, if Turkey's broke the world record in the history of the republic's export 2012, has reached a total foreign trade volume of USD 450 billion Stating that performs it with logistic infrastructure, "the logistics infrastructure in 2002 we perform such an export record was not possible," he said .
Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and Economy Minister Zafer Çağlayan attended the 'Konya-Karaman-Mersin Losistik' meeting held in Mersin. Mersin, Konya, Karaman governors and AK Party deputies of these 3 provinces, many mayors and businessmen attended the meeting held at the Radisson Blue Hotel.
Minister of Economy Çağlayan reminded that they broke the record in the history of the republic in 2012 in exports. This record breaking in Caglayan pointed out that the largest share of the logistics infrastructure, "If Turkey broke the record of Republican history in exports to 2012't was able to do this with logistics infrastructure. It was not possible for us to realize such a trade with its logistics infrastructure in 2002 ”.
Emphasizing that 75 billion dollars was spent for transportation infrastructure, Çağlayan said, “3 thousand 668 investment projects were realized. In 2023, we will increase the divided road network to 36 kilometers. The length of the highway will increase to 500 thousand 7 kilometers. While the number of trips exported by road was 850 thousand in 2003, this number reached 400 million in 2013. Turkey has Europe's largest fleet of vehicles. In 1,5, the railway network will increase to 2023 thousand kilometers, 26 thousand kilometers of which will be high-speed train lines. Although we have covered a significant distance in railway transportation, intense investment is required for the desired level. We made a record export in 10. While 2012 billion dollars of these exports were made by sea, 78 billion dollars by land, 50 billion dollars by airways, the exports made by rail remained only 22 billion dollars. This amount cannot even reach 1 percent of our total exports. That's why we are privatizing rail transport just like airline ”.
"TURKEY CENTER PLACE the intersection of roads STANDSTILL"
Underlining that this meeting is a historical meeting, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu said, “We had consulted this issue with our Minister of Economy a long time ago. It was delayed, but it was fine. We must agree on the overall strategic vision. If we do not have a clear impression of where these projects fit, we will have difficulties in reaching the 2023 targets. Turkey contains the vision of 2023 to put the country among the world's top 10. It includes work on downstream planning to make this happen. There are two issues. First, what is the most important sources of Turkey in our hands to achieve these goals? What are our weaknesses? How do we mobilize critical resources to close weaknesses? Basically we have 3 resources. We have history for developing grand strategy. We have the ability to act in unity of the nation. If a country has recovered so quickly in the last 10 years, it has done so with the power to act together that has come for centuries. The second is logistics. Here is our directly effective geography. It is such a geography that we are at a central point no matter where one looks at it. If you receive a map with which Turkey stands in a central location at the intersection of strong way, "he said.
Davutoğlu emphasized that the result of looking at the map should be placed in the center of the logistics flow with a strategic planning and continued his words as follows:
“What is our third resource? Our human resource. If the human resource is well educated and sent to action, the production and transmission lines emerge when the geography and human resources combine. We lack energy when we look at our deficits. Then we will follow policies that will make us an energy base to eliminate this bill. We will open our geography to the world to achieve big goals. Mathematically when the top 10 countries are mentioned, other 9 countries are in competition when you look at physical. What we need to remove the geography of Turkey's human potential and the scale of the continent. For this, we remove visas with countries. Visa-free travel to 64 countries at the moment. We established a border cooperation mechanism with 13 countries. We used to be afraid of opening geography. We signed Free Trade Agreements with 19 countries.
Expressing that they see tourism, energy and free trade together when looking at the Mediterranean basin, Davutoğlu said, “In order to achieve the goals, we will combine the domestic production with the ports. We will integrate the port with other countries' ports. When there was a problem in Syria, Ro-Ro flights started from Iskendereye to Mersin. We have the longest beach in the Mediterranean. We will know from now on whatever movement will be about transportation and energy in the Mediterranean. Wherever the line starts, it will be our contribution. We have to make Mersin the first port. It is the largest port in the Eastern Mediterranean, but the goal is to make Mersin the largest port of the entire Mediterranean. "We have to open this port from Suez and the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean."

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