Truck in Turkey hit the tram (Photo Gallery)

Turkish Truck hits the Tram
A van running off the road in Konya crashed into the tram while cruising. A person stuck in the van in the accident was rescued by firefighters.
The accident occurred in the central Selçuklu district Bedir District. According to the claim, İbiş Ş. 42 AL 077 numbered van under his administration, as a result of his driver's momentary absenteeism, crossed the sidewalk and hit the tram no.116 under the Levent T.
In the accident, the side and front of the tram were damaged, while the minibus driver and 16-year-old Koray Tekin were injured. Tekin from the injured was stuck in the vehicle. While the medical teams intervened in Tekin in the vehicle, the fire crews, acting systematically, removed the injured young man in a short time. The wounded were taken to hospitals by ambulances.
An eyewitness said, “The vehicle was driving ahead of me, it suddenly crossed the pavement and crashed into the tram. "He must have been in his mind."
The investigation of the accident continues.

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