Konya's New Tram Will Meet in September

Konya's New Tram Will Meet in September
According to the contract with the Skoda company, the first tram 6 will arrive after months
Konya Metropolitan Municipality 17 2012 60 104 new tram purchase contract was made yesterday after the tender. The contract was awarded to 700 million XNUMX thousand TL Euro. Tahir Akyürek, Mayor of AK Party, Ahmet Sorgun, municipal authorities and officials from Şkoda Company attended the signing ceremony.
Speaking at the signing ceremony, Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyurek, one of the biggest feet of Konyaray Project 60 pieces of the tram will be delivered in the whole year 2 said. According to the contract, the first tram will be delivered 183 days later, Akyürek said, Ak Konyaray Project Konyamızın 50 will solve the annual transportation problem. Our new trams will be of low base and also for disabled people. 6 company participated in the tender. Under the scope of the tender, 60 pieces of low base rail, system vehicle, 58 kinds of spare parts and 1 tools will be taken from DERAY equipment taban. Akyürek stated that the tender was carried out with due attention to the Public Procurement Authority's conditions and the tender details were explained for the first time in this way. Akyürek said Konya was made in the most appropriate tenders in Turkey, tram, tram 1 1 thousand reported that 707 626 million euros of bedelig.
Explaining that trams will be designed for Konya, Akyürek said, X 5 year warranty of trams, 5 year maintenance and repair, spare parts and consumables will be covered by the contractor company. 56 people standing on the seats in the trams will be 231 people. Our new trams will have a total capacity of 287. Trams will be based on 100 low percent. There will be a camera system inside and outside the tram. The front and rear of the vehicle shall be the driver's cab. There are doors on both sides of the vehicles. It is suitable for loading and unloading passengers at the central platform stations planned in the Metro project. Our trams are air conditioned and comfortable. The new system will also affect the new production possibilities of the Konya industry. I wish the agreement to be beneficial for our country for our country, Söz he said.
After the speech of Akyürek, Şazda Company Representative Zal Şahbaz said that the tender was a very transparent and honest tender. , We produce tramways for countries such as Hungary, Russia, Italy and Ukraine, as well as China. Skoda Turkey also began to work. We will also sell to Konya from these trams. These trams will be made according to the request of Konyali. Bu After the speeches, the purchase of the new tram 60 Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek and Shkoda Company Representative Zal Shahbaz signed by.

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