Konya Light Rail System employees were sitting at the table

Konya Light Rail System employees were sitting at the table
Metropolitan Municipality Branch of the Light Rail System in the first tranche covering collective bargaining for workers with Turkey Konya Branch Railway-Business Metropolitan Municipality officials sat at the table for negotiations.
Collective bargaining In his opening speech of the first tranche Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Hasmet Okur, Turkey Railways-business union with 13 years of collective agreements they do, there is no shortage not undergone the practice, stating that paid timely progress payments, that collective bargaining would be the shortest period of time in a happy way to completion told. Turkey-business Union of Railways on behalf of Konya Branch Chairman Necati Kökat in his speech, "We are conducting collective negotiations with the Metropolitan Municipality of 13 years. We think that we will be happy on both sides. Her The second tranche of collective negotiations held between Turkey Railways-Business with Konya Metropolitan Municipality will be held in the coming days.

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