Konya is the capital of the railway network

Konya is the capital of the railway network
Konya, which has been one of the most important centers of the country for a long time with its history, culture and economic structure, has become a very important strategy center by staying in the middle of the railway line with the development and geographical location of High Speed ​​Train services. Konya, which was the capital of the Seljuks and Karamanoğulları for a period of time as well as all its riches, has fulfilled a very important mission by distributing the Anatolian tigers, which it has removed from its bosom, throughout the country. This city, which took its rightful place in the list of world heritages, from Hazrat Mevlana to Çatalhöyük, one of the oldest settlements in the world; It is a city that will never lose its star in carrying the past to the future with its location. After the Konya-Ankara expedited train expeditions, the provinces that make the capital of civilizations together with the opening of Konya-Eskişehir line to transportation, will now establish their own bridge of hearts. Konya train Eskişehir accelerated the time of the cue that the Prime Minister underlined in particular that the capital of the Seljuk Konya, Turkey World Capital of Culture in Eskisehir and Ankara, the capital of the Republic of Turkey was connected. In other words, the three capitals are connected with the latest technology.

Target Konya-Istanbul line
With the opening of Konya-Istanbul high-speed train services by the end of this year, the capital of the two empires will be connected by an iron network. Of course, Ankara's work in this field in preparing Konya for 2023 is not limited to this much. Currently, the city, which will reach the sea on the road to opening to the outside world, especially in the economy, with the Konya-Karaman, Konya-Antalya and Konya-Mersin lines; It will have eliminated this century longing. However, the destination on the railways will not be completed by reaching the Mediterranean. The railway journey of this city, which is the capital of empires, is determined to the east and Antep to the south. When we turn our eyes back to the future of the city and the country with the fact that railways are a civilization, Konya will no longer be referred to only as a granary as it was a period. Konya, known and known as a city of history, culture and industry, is now in the center of the railway network with this fast and new transportation structure, not only by exporting, but also with the philosophy of friendship, peace and brotherhood of the world, the sultan of the heart of the world, Hazrat Mevlana. it will move it and bring it to humanity. Our city, which is candidate to come out of Çatalhüyük, one of the first settlements of humanity and enlighten the humanity of the world with the light of love and tolerance of the Green Dome, wants to complete its own preparation within the new missions it will undertake.

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