Vatman occupation in the village

Vatman occupation in the village
The most important problem of Konya is undoubtedly; urban transport.
Tram, bus, dolmus, taxi are all a separate problem.
But the tramway ap is a separate problem. For 10 years, it has been the ordeal of Konyalı with its unique problems.
In winter the place comes to the ice room and in the summer the sauna is served.
A severe storm cannot move in the snow, in the light of heavy rain, with the metal fatigue of old age.
He waits where he is until the weather goes back to normal.
Citizens, "line off, rainfall transformers short-circuited" they say, but most of them are a set of fabric.
The metal is tired, it will not go, the dreadful tram will fail. When the fatigue of metal is added to the tram that has completed its economic life, this song never disappears from the mouth of Konya; My ordeal nightingale ordeal ...
At the end of 10 years, our Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Akyürek signed the purchase contract for the new trams. He did not neglect to show kindness and ask the public about its color. Such kindness was necessary after 10 years of ordeal. I wish he had asked the Konyalıya brand as well as the price and the color, he would have liked it more. Probably, he would have thought that "Konyalı's mind does not work with brand and price" so he needed to ask about its color. I would like to express my gratitude to our dear president for this kindness…
In addition to the change of the trams, the patriots (tram drivers) also need to change.
Homeland, which is not affected from public relations, a separate source of ordeal.
I asked the Metropolitan; "Are you employing a primary school graduate driver?" they said, "No, university graduate."
I wonder what college did they graduate? Certain human values ​​are not taught in universities.
Because 80 percent of them have rudeness and intolerance.
The passenger closes the door before landing,
They don't open the door when they're at the stop,
They make sudden braking for people to move backwards, showing their anger with sudden braking,
They do not consider whether they are disabled, elderly or infant.
They try to suppress their current nervousness in such a way.
The angry passengers, on the other hand, make impulsive and quarreling words such as "If you were to come quickly, would I wait for you, my minute is going", moreover with gestures ...
Whatever the driver's minutes, it's as if the ride is full!
When the switch royalist than the king gave authority to one of them in Turkey or in such ...
A similar situation came to my family the other day. Because of the storm, the accident happened, the hoist tram could not move again. The invisible motherfucker did not close the doors even though there was a wind. When they were childish with them, ca Would you close the door? Yan
On the other hand, Vatman has never been there, even pretended to be in a lair. Of course, while these discussions continue, the inside of the tram is in dust with the wind ...
Eventually the debate was prolonged. Some passengers rebelled against this situation and said of damn you like the drivers and left the tram Bazı. Finally, someone called the chief. The person he summoned was even more rude and rude than him.
He said words to my family like "I will beat you up now". Another royalist who does not know his limits… Look at the extent of the impertinence of the arrogant vatman and chief minister whose job is to serve the people.
It is not enough for the citizen to suffer on the pedestrian tram, and it also suffers from the bad breath, the insensitivity and the arrogance of the staff working on the rail system.
I ask the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Tahir Akyürek. Mr. President, what do these trainers think of themselves? By what right do they say my family will beat you up? Where do they get this audacity? I expose this driver to you. The person who shows this courage is the driver of the vatman number 1092 with the 135 badge. The incident took place at around 14.15 at the Bus Terminal Station. Please make the necessary investigation about this person and ask that chief stooge for an account of the word “beat”.
Your drivers cannot bully the citizens. Their duty is to serve the public. The blessings of the parents are the people. This kind of behavior against the public shadows your new trams.
If you do not go over such movements, you have no doubt that it will come. Don't forget that Mr. President Akyürek will make you tie up every negative move they have made.

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