Thanks to İZBAN

Thanks to İZBAN
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu met with industrialists in Torbali.
Stating that they welcomed the extension of İZBAN line to Torbalı, the industrialists demanded support from the President for the fire center to be established in the Beet Organized Industrial Zone.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu who visited the Beet Organized Industrial Zone in Torbalı district listened to the problems and wishes of the industrialists. Mayor of Torbali Ismail Uygur also participated in the meeting beet Organized Industrial Zone President Hüseyin Şairoğlu, expressed their satisfaction with the visit. IZBAN extending the line up to Torbali thanks to President Kocaoglu'a Şairoğlu, thanks to İZBAN industrial zone will gain even more mobility, he said. The common desire of the industries, who always expressed their support for the Metropolitan Municipality, was the improvement of the road in front of the organized industrial zone and training support for the fire center to be established in the region. Reminding that they are next to the industrialists, Mayor Kocaoğlu said that they would do the asphalting works of the road and that they were ready for all kinds of support for the fire department.
“Look for compromise first!”
Aziz Kocaoglu advised the industrialists that they had problems in expropriation for the second stage of 335 acres of Pancar Organized Industrial Zone. These expropriation authority problems are overcome and the work is not blocked. However, it is not very fair in terms of justice to leave the citizen's real estate with only one person's purchasing with the authority of planning. Therefore, I am in favor of reconciliation rather than such expropriation authority. 335 turning place should be preferred with the consent of the citizen ”.

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